Talent Acquisition Practices

Clarity Of Context For Recruiter While Hiring

By February 12, 2020September 25th, 2020No Comments

Hiring talent has become highly transactional. The tedious candidate searches, endless messaging and scheduling and repetitive screening are mind-numbing.

Typically, in a large organization the Talent Acquisition Team looks at Nurturing, Sourcing and Scheduling Candidates. The Hiring Team typically performs Engaging, Screening and Interviewing activities.

The historical nuance behind these two functions is that Talent Acquisition is usually considered as Horizontal function while Hiring Team is usually embedded in the Domain, Technology and Processes used in the Organization and can look at talent supply with precision to hire only the best fit talent.

An effortful equilibrium seems to be in place among three entities namely Candidate, Talent Acquisition team and Hiring Team, wherein let us say Hiring Team wants to hire an electrician for a crucial equipment manufacturing process, so it gives requirement of electrician to TA Team. TA team sources the candidates and presents to Hiring Team those TA team believes are electricians removing other kind of technicians.

Hiring Team starts the screening process with the candidates through phone and other rounds of Interviews. Humans in Hiring Team, with all the flow, situations, descriptions and listening used in interviews, do nothing but identification of fact if candidate will be able to work in Hiring Company’s context.

For example, if the Hiring Company is in the business of making hydroelectric power plant equipment, the interviewers will always and eventually ask and ascertain whether the prospective electrician has worked on electrical equipment around fluids, be it in submarines or on large terrestrial pumps as a reason of fit ! At this juncture, even if the electrician has great behavioral skills, Hiring Team will say “Great candidate, but we can not use him” whereas if the electrician has great contextual fit and something wanting on behavioral skills, Hiring Team will say “Great Candidate but little demanding. Let us hire, we will work it out with him”.

An ocean swimmer is after all a different person than a pool swimmer. The Context AI at Turbohire solves for this very aspect of Talent Selection, to enable TA Team with right tools before interview effort is spent.