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Checklist For One Way Interview For Candidates

By June 18, 2020December 7th, 2020No Comments

In recent times there has been an upsurge in the number of companies which want to evaluate and recruit their candidates in a virtual model. Before the recruiters spend their valuable time in talking to any candidate, they want to set-up a simple check with a one-way video submission which makes their job easier. 

Automated Interview or asynchronous interviews or one-way interviews are a cost-effective and comfortable way to perform that check. This cannot be dismissed just as an advantage to the recruiter. Many candidates also greatly benefit from this mode, as it saves a day’s time for them and helps them to submit the answers at their own convenience. 

Here are some of the nuances of do’s and dont’s one needs to keep in mind before they give a shot at it.



  • Choose a quiet and well-lit roomWhile it is accepted that a candidate is in their comfort zone responding to the pre-set questions, they are highly recommended to set the tone of the environment by the help of a good background which is free of noises and disturbances.
  • Dress appropriately – An automated/ asynchronous doesn’t guarantee that the selection is free of human intervention. Although the one-way video mode makes the jobs of the recruiter easier, one cannot easily dismiss the power of the first impression.
  • Eye contact – Make the recruiter spend a little more time in your submission than others. An easier way to do that is to make the video more like a conversation which is easily possible by looking at the camera as much as possible. The eye-level if set to the camera, it creates an impression of a real conversation.
  • Sound, microphone and camera check – Before you enter the video interview, the platforms will check the video, audio and network quality in order to assure that you can safely proceed with the one-way video interview.
  • Run A Technical Test Well in Advance – With platforms like TurboHire, utilize the demo feature before giving the actual interview. Running a technical test of the software and the device you are planning to use for the video interview will greatly help you make alternate arrangements well in advance.
  • Be wise with your words– It is advised to maintain a proper etiquette for the candidates. It is to be understood that the one-way video interview plays a serious role in shortlisting for the next rounds. Even a slightest discomfort to the recruiter may prompt them to skip your submission as the primary choice of them choosing to interview asynchronously is to save their time.
  • Keep track of time and ensure that you complete your answers before submitting. Avoid taking long pauses between two questions as it may affect your efficiency. Avoid using search engines while attending the interview. Slightest hints you give on-screen will greatly affect your score and subsequently the chances of selection.


  • Control the applications: Close unnecessary tabs and applications. Besides slowing down your video connections, some background notifications may interrupt your answer and make it impossible to pick up the pieces for the interviewer.
  • A poor internet connection: Poor signal could cause interruptions and miscommunication. If you’re using a wifi connection, try moving your devices closer to the router and if there are other devices and users connected, ensure they don’t take up much bandwidth during your interview.
  • Let others into the video: It is understood that a candidate is at a home setting due to the geographical constraints for the interview. But, make sure nobody else is around or behind you. It can be unprofessional or distracting for the recruiter. In unavoidable circumstances, try using the re-upload option.
  • Turn off the video: Some candidates do have a concern that giving out their racial insight might make the recruiters biased. Not to forget, it is an untold norm from the recruiter, wanting to see the person whom they are going to invest in. Besides being recruiters wish, it is also totally legal and acceptable.
  • Cause any distraction: Sitting in a loud setting or odd environment will make you less intelligible and shift the interviewers focus away from the candidate. Similarly placing the device on a shaky surface such as laps can also possibly distract the interviewer focus.