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Candidate Screening With TurboHire

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In the last blog we have discussed the first stage of recruitment which was the candidate sourcing stage. In this blog we will be discussing the next stage which is the candidate screening stage and the improvements provided by the TurboHire platform.

Candidate Screening
When the required threshold number of resumes is obtained the next step is to screen the candidates. This is the most important step in the recruitment process where the recruiter selects those candidates whom he/she feels deemed to be fit and rejects all the others. However, the point to consider here is the number of resumes to go through for the screening process and the fatigue on the recruiter.

Current scenario
The usual process is that the recruiter will collect all the CV into his database and opens each resume and reads through it to understand the candidate. On average, it takes 6 mins to go through a resume and to understand a candidate. So, if the recruiter must scan all these 500 Resumes it will take more time before he could comprehend whether he is fit or unfit. In addition to this, we need to consider the human element such as human error and fatigue due to reading these many resumes.

Resume threshold for screening 500 Resume
Time spent on one resume 6 mins
Number of days between posting and screening 6.25 days

With TurboHire
The biggest value proposition that is provided by TurboHire is in the Screening stage of recruitment. TurboHire has built a robust AI-based resume parsing engine that reads these resumes and converts it into a structured database. This enables the recruiter to perform searches, filters, and screen candidates faster and easier. TurboHire has AI-based filters and which has huge significance in the screening process. With this filter, you can quickly filter the ineligible and underqualified candidates and the recruiter will have to open/read a few resumes. This is a huge time saver for the recruiter also the AI will help provide objective filtering of candidates reducing human fatigue and error.

Resume threshold for screening 500 Resume
Percentage of resume to be screened by a recruiter 25%
Time spent on one resume 6 mins
Number of days between posting and screening 1.56 days

Improvements provided by TurboHire
The improvement provided by the platform in terms of time is around 75% where 6.25 days was reduced to 1.56 days. All this improvement can be attributed to the AI engine of TurboHire.

Improvement in time 75%