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Candidate Interview Stage With TurboHire

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In the previous blog I have covered the first two stages of recruitment. The first stage of recruitment dealt with sourcing candidates for the job and the second stage dealt with screening candidates. The next stage that will be discussed is the interview stage.

Candidate interview
The interview is the next stage after completion of the screening process. If you consider the recruitment funnel the average number of candidates who enter the interview stage will be 10% of the candidate pool. This means if 100 candidates apply for a job only 10 candidates enter the interview stage. In this stage, the recruiter will sync with the hiring manager in conducting interviews and evaluations.

Current Scenario
In the normal scenario, the recruiter will have to communicate with the selected candidates on the interview schedule and the same needs to be synced to the hiring manager/interviewer. It takes an average of 35 mins for conducting an interview process of which 25 mins are for the interview and 10 mins for evaluation. In the successive stages of an interview, the number of candidates keeps reducing. The total time involved in this process will be 7.42 days.

Number of candidates entering the Interview stage 50
Time spent on each interview 35 mins
Number of days for conducting the interview 6.42 days
Number of days for communication and sync up 8hr or 1 day

With TurboHire
Due to the advanced screening provided by the platform in the previous stage less but quality candidates enter the interview stage. TurboHire platform has a built-in Audio/video interviewing platform and the process of scheduling and syncing interviews are simple and easy in TurboHire. With a click of a button, we can schedule an interview and the information with regards to this interview will be communicated to both the candidates and interviewer. TurboHire also supports an asynchronous mode of interview where the interviewer can pre-set questions to be asked which the candidate will answer, and the recording will be saved for the evaluation. This mode has three significance. First, the presence of a recruiter/interviewer is not necessary.  Second, there will be uniformity in interview flow. The third significance is that it reduces the time for the interview stage as multiple interviews can be conducted simultaneously.

Number of candidates entering Interview stage 38
Time spent on each interview 35 mins
Number of days for conducting interview 4.89 days
Time-saving due to asynchronous mode 75%
Number of days for conducting interview 1.22 days

Improvements provided by TurboHire
The improvement provided by the platform is around 75% where 7.42 days was reduced to 1.22 days. All this improvement is due to the Asynchronous Interview mode and One-click scheduling of Interviews.

Improvement in time 83%