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AI In Recruitment Is Transforming Digital Hiring

By February 12, 2020December 7th, 2020No Comments

When was the last time you hired someone without looking only at candidate CV? The world of recruitment is 100% digital today with very large number of companies across the world adopting either Human Resource Management Systems or Applicant Tracking Systems for managing their recruitment operations commensurate with their growth needs.

While this adoption is underway, the candidate to recruiter reach and vice-versa has also gathered unprecedented momentum with player like ZiprRcruiter carpet bombing 100+ job boards and CVs in employee-referral emails and search consultants’ emails are fast flooding recruiters. This scenario has left recruiters overwhelmed and the candidate experience remains broken.

Today’s hyper-connected candidate evaluates the recruiting organization with the same yardstick with which you evaluate him or her. Not surprisingly in a survey conducted by a leading recruitment firm 25% of the respondents have had a bad recruitment experience. And 95% of these respondents had shared their experience with their friends and on social networks.

Here are 5 simple digital strategies to help you get control and make the right impression:

1. Be Social and use the medium

One of the most effective and simple way of making your job opening visible to the right people is to use the power of people working with you to share the jobs in their social networks and reward them for the joinees that came through their efforts. However, ensure that you have technology in place to launch and tackle the generated supply right way.

2. Engaging job page and single landing page

The job page is mostly the first place where your potential candidate lands, especially when they find your listing on social media or a job boards. While the Job Publishing through ZipRecruiter makes the Job reach 100+ Job boards, more often than not the branding and structure of Job page takes a hit. Not only make the page engaging and intuitive so that it’s easy for the applicant to research the job opening, but also ensure that the distribution does not break the brand quality of the page, the later can be address by single landing page for all distribution channels.

3. Simple applications

A Candidate is in job market for maximum of six months and in this duration makes 40+ job applications. Lengthy job application pages drive good candidate away either because of sense of pride or because of sheer exhaustion of filling same information again and again. Design your forms to capture only enough information that can determine whether the candidate can be taken forward or not.

4. Job Description Quality

It starts with the job-title, which needs to be crisp and easily understood along with information which enhances credibility of Job such as Location of Job etc. The responsibilities should be clearly specified and be measurable. Do not hesitate to provide the targets or numbers which suggests the volume of work through example.

5. Supporting Tech

There has been a notion among recruiting fraternity that only a recruiter can take a call on a candidate. While the notion is true and respectable, it can be modified that only a recruiter can take a Final call on a candidate. In the interest of speed and candidate experience, recruitment teams should explore some excellent AI tools which make the supply assessment and decision making faster and enabling rather than competing with humans.

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