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Ace OneWay Video Interviews

By June 18, 2020May 10th, 2021No Comments

In the previous blog we have covered the first three stages of recruitment. The first stage of recruitment dealt with sourcing candidates for the job. The second stage dealt with screening candidates. The third stage dealt with interviewing the candidates that were selected from the previous stage. In this blog we will be discussing the final stage, Decision-making stage.

What are asynchronous/automated/ one-way video interviews?
Asynchronous/ automated/ one-way video interviews is an additional method for the recruiter to assess the candidate without actually spending hours interviewing them. Real-time interviews require either the interviewer or candidate to travel and spend a significant amount of time. On the other hand, asynchronous mode lets the recruiter send a set of questions to the candidate and allows the candidate to answer and send them back at their own comfort.

How does TurboHire one-way video interviewing work?
After the much-awaited interview call comes in the form a one-way video interview link, you might want to know more about how TurboHire one-way video interview works. 

What happens in the background before you get an interview call, is really straight forward. A recruiter will scrutinize candidates profile on TurboHire talent acquisition platform and send the candidate an interview link they deem fit.

It takes only 5 simple steps to submit a flawless response on TurboHire after you receive the interview call. 

  1. Tech check: Let the TurboHire platform run 3 basic checks namely video, audio and network stability on the device you are going to take the interview. This is to ensure that your interview recording is not hampered midway. 
  2. Try it out first: We do not want your golden opportunity to be lost due to your non-familiarity with the platform. Try out the demo option before actually taking the interview to play around and identify the points where you have to be extra careful.
  3. All reals: Click on “Take the interview” to answer the actual interview questions. Each question will be followed by the maximum recording time allotted and specific instructions from the recruiter. 
  4. Re-upload: It is natural for humans to make mistakes. If you think the recorded answer is incomplete or not your best version, do click on re-upload and send your best response keeping the time limit in mind. 
  5. Look out for status: After every successful upload of the answer, one can see the status of the video upload next to the question. Keep track of the status and contact the TurboHire support in case of submission failure. 


Now you are all set to submit the interview by just clicking the finish button. Voila! Here is a short video to help you understand how seamlessly a one-way video submission can be done on TurboHire. 

What do recruiters try to assess with one-way video interviews?
There is a reason why every bit of technology is evolved and acing the one-way video interviewing depends on how better a candidate understands the recruiters motive behind it. There are primarily 3 main reasons why recruiters use it: 

  1. To reduce the phone screen time: This is the exact reason why TurboHire’s one-way video interviewing took birth. Keeping your answers crisp cutting all the irrelevant information will get you double-clicked on this parameter. 
  2. Improve the candidate experience: More often than not, job-seekers are busy travelling for multiple interviews or geographically distant to their desired jobs. To make it more convenient for the candidates, recruiters choose to go with one-way video interviews. This will let the candidates give the interviews whenever and wherever they want. 
  3. Zoom up their performance: TurboHire’s AI-based recommendations before and after the one-way interview makes the job of any recruiter much easier. In-order get the best out of many features such as reporting, evaluation and offer roll-out, recruiters often look to use their complete set of features including the one-way video interviewing. This not only makes their job easier but more efficient.

Do’s and Dont’s in a TurboHire video interview. 

Here are some of the nuances of do’s and dont’s one needs to keep in mind before they give a shot at it. Read our full blog on what are the best practices for candidates during a one-way video interview. 

To summarize, candidates just need to aware of the tool’s user interface and follow some of the best practises for a successful video interviewing experience. With these tips in mind, candidates can ace their first-time video interview submission with the TurboHire platform and get a step closer to their dream job.