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30 TurboHire Features To Become A Super Recruiter: Part 2

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In the previous blog, we had covered in detail the 15 core features of TurboHire that will escalate HR Professionals and Recruiters alike in becoming Super Recruiters. This blog is a continuation of that, discussing the 15 other features, which are equally essential, in helping you better your Recruitment Strategy. Let’s cut to the chase and resume the series for you. From Hi to Hired, your essentials for discovering the right talent are right here. 


Super Recruiter With TurboHire: Part 2

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16. Job Recommendation

“More employers than ever are struggling to fill open jobs — 45% globally say they can’t find the skills they need, up from 40% in 2017 and the highest in over a decade.” – Manpower Group.

Recommendation systems have gotten progressively famous as of late and have been used in an assortment of regions, including films, music, news, books, and products all in all. There are likewise recommender frameworks for cafés, money related administrations, disaster protection, online dating, and Twitter pages.

Recruitment is a worthwhile region for recommender frameworks. In light of the suggestions, candidates can be coordinated to the most appropriate positions. Artificial intelligence isn’t really utilized in such frameworks, yet it can bring mind-boggling benefits.

TurboHire’s Job Recommendation feature encourages you to match your applicants to the appropriate jobs naturally, giving you suggestions of the most suitable abilities. This feature is intended to make your hiring process more productive and increment objectivity. The Artificial Intelligence algorithm behind this compares the resume of the candidate and the description of the jobs most suitable for that candidate.  

17. Duplicate Detection

On average, each corporate job offer attracts 250 resumes. It’s regular for similar individuals to apply to your openings multiple times on different occasions. It’s incredible they’re so anxious to work for your organization yet you need your applicant records to be perfect and smoothed out. The duplicate detection feature makes it simple to recognize duplicate applicant profiles and merge these resumes into one.

Resumes are an important element of the recruitment process. They give you an overview of the candidate before interviewing them. However, it is impossible to keep track of the whole resume database and keep out for duplicates. TurboHire accurately detects duplicate resumes and merges them. There is usually no requirement for detective work on behalf of the recruiters when you use TurboHire

You can’t have your applicant records stalled with repeated profiles. Furthermore, you can’t sit around idly searching for copies and eliminating them yourself. TurboHire makes the process of cleaning out candidate lists automatic and hassle-free.

18. Ready-To-Go Assessment

Companies lately invest a gigantic measure of time, money, and different assets in promoting and hiring techniques to pull in the best applicant since the hiring managers have comprehended that one of the main drivers for the success of an organization is talented employees. Therefore, it is critical to choose the right Hiring Assessment Tool for enlisting the best and most splendid candidates.

Organizations should avoid utilizing inferior quality tools during the recruitment cycle and should receive the correct procedure for recruiting the best applicants. 

TurboHire incorporates:

  • decreased administration.
  • instant candidate analysis.
  • symptomatic reports.
  • a scoring system for each candidate.

TurboHire additionally furnishes the hiring process by integrating a proper Applicant Tracking System and provides round the clock support to the organization.

19. Skill Set

A resume might be brimming with information with no solid data about skill sets, making it hard for the recruiter to recognize reasonable candidates. From a good recruiter’s perspective, only the correct talents can take you places and not simply an excellent academic background. Applicants with the most fitting skills are probably going to deliver the best results for a specific job description. A technology or tool that maps out a particular skill set for a job is the only way this can be achieved. 
TurboHire utilizes the patented technology to automatically identify the skill set of candidates. TurboHire can go through piles of resumes to discover the candidates with the best skill sets that match the job requirement. Candidates can be ranked and stacked depending on their skill sets based on the company’s criteria.

20. Smart Tags

Tags are straightforward words or short expressions that you attach to an applicant’s profile to portray their skills, experience, or other significant qualities. By adding tags, you can gather candidates with similar backgrounds and skills into talent pools (e.g., a shortlist).

With TurboHire, you can use Smart-Tags like “Top College”, “Relevant Title” to find specific candidate information. Using this feature, you save yourself the time that would be otherwise invested in going through candidate profiles looking for specific information. The more tags you make use of, the faster you receive results, and the easier your scanning becomes. 

21. Social Profiles

About 92 percent of companies use social media, particularly Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, to look and screen for candidates. Recruiters go through the social media profiles of potential candidates to have an accurate assessment if they would correctly fit into the company’s culture. They take a look at an applicant’s social media profile in order to get to know about their real personality and to discover facts about them beyond their resumes. 

TurboHire allows you to learn more about the social behavior of candidates using their social activities. Social media profiles of candidates are scanned by TurboHire to discover any existing personality traits. Companies assessing a candidate’s social image beyond their resumes is a growing trend that TurboHire profoundly satisfies. 

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22. Mobile Recording

Accelerate your employing by building up a consistent Interview stream. Enable candidates with occupied timetables to respond during a period that best suits them. This gives applicants the adaptability they’ll appreciate.

TurboHire’s One-Way Video Interviews are a novel interviewing concept that allows recruiters to send questions to the candidates which then can be recorded by candidates at their own convenience. TurboHire allows the candidates to record their responses with ease. To check if the responses are successfully recorded, candidates can watch through each video being uploaded and displaying a successful upload message.

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23. Configurable Templates

Using questionnaires, for example, helps you to detect the candidate’s personality and temperament.

In order to find out which candidates will marvel at a job, resumes, and job interviews sometimes aren’t enough. Questionnaires enable you to discover how the candidates communicate and how well they are in explaining their thought process. Creating these questionnaires should not be a tiresome job either.

Using TurboHire, you can create multiple question templates for various roles. These templates are completely customizable according to the needs of the company. Candidates can also opt to upload their answers right into the TurboHire platform. You can create as many templates required for a single role of different forms of answers like – single line, paragraph, multiple-choice, etc. 

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24. Boolean Searching

While sourcing candidates on the web, social profiles alone may not give a balanced perspective on somebody’s abilities and experience. Sourcing resumes with Boolean search causes you to better assess passive applicants. Furthermore, if there is a candidate already on your mind, you can utilize the Boolean search to find their resume on different platforms.

With the help of Boolean Search, TurboHire is able to source the best candidates faster. This feature enables you to find the candidates as per your requirements like skills, education, experience within a very short span of time. It can source candidates from Google, Yahoo, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, resume databases, and directories. 

25. Calendar Scheduling

“On average, recruiters are spending two-third of their overall hiring time on the interview process. “ – The 2020 Yello Interview Scheduling Survey

Perhaps the greatest bottleneck in recruitment is scheduling. Regardless of whether it is the underlying phone call, meeting an HR, or arranging board meets, clashing calendars, and tight time spans is a nightmare. With the help of a calendar scheduling platform, corporate recruiting groups can offer consistent, self-administration scheduling for recruitment events, from job fairs to campus hiring.

Block calendars across platforms like Google, Outlook with the help of TurboHire’s Calendar Scheduling platform. This framework is astounding for sharing a link to your Outlook/Google Calendar, setting schedules, and creating automated bookings/meetings to be shared with candidates.

26. Smart Card Sharing

Recruiting is a collaborative process however responsibilities vary from individual-to-individual. Some colleagues simply need to overview an applicant’s resume or partake in interviews. Candidate sharing is important as it enables you to receive various perspectives about the potential of the candidate. 

With TurboHire, employees other than the recruiters can easily look through a candidate’s details. TurboHire utilizes smart-cards for candidate sharing. Smart Cards contain only the most important details of a candidate, like, education, experience, and skill-set. The required details can be customized by the company as per needs. TurboHire offers multiple individuals to evaluate and assess a candidate through smart card sharing in order to select the best one. 

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27. Calendar View

“A plan is what, a schedule is when. It takes both a plan and a schedule to get things done.” – Peter Turla.

Using a Calendar View platform for a company is of utmost importance as it assists you with viewing the important events of the day/month/year. It helps in avoiding clashing events and overlapping meetings. Calendar View also aids you to track your time to hire and hiring yield ratios. 

An organization can easily view all the upcoming interviews in the TurboHire Calendar View platform. TurboHire’s Calendar View helps the organization to set deadlines, distribute work, and define priorities. It gives a chance to view all the scheduled meetings, one-way interviews, panel interviews, on-going candidate evaluation, hirings, etc at a single glance. 

28. Evaluation Forms

Evaluation helps determine what works best and things that can be improved in an organization. An evaluation form is a document to measure the performance of a company/employee/recruiter, etc. It is important for the development of a company and it provides space for growth and feedback. The key to this is that the evaluation form includes all the necessary details and provides space for elaborate feedback

TurboHire creates an evaluation form to get feedback from Interviewers to make strategic and informative decisions. TurboHire’s evaluation form is concise and clear and can be stored and shared with whoever necessary. 

29. Candidate Retargeting

“LinkedIn retargeting ads can increase CTR by 30%.” – Truelist

Candidate retargeting gives your brands and opportunities stretched out progressing exposure to the individuals you need to reach, in any event when they’re not looking for jobs or opportunities. With Candidate Retargeting, your opportunities and messages will be communicated to an extensive network of online career websites where a wide range of applicants interface and engage.

Candidate Retargeting with TurboHire allows you to draw in with job searchers at some random point in the candidate venture. For instance, it could help you to show an advertisement advancing a forthcoming recruiting event to everybody that browsed your career page, yet didn’t apply to any open jobs.

30. Hiring Plan

“Only 12% of employees would strongly agree their organization does a great job of onboarding new employees” – Gallup: State of the American Workplace

A hiring plan refers to a prearranged technique for recruiting workers. It goes about as a timetable for organizations to discover qualified candidates without causing wasting any time for the organization. A good hiring plan recognizes the objectives for a specific position.

Create and manage an effective hiring plan using TurboHire. An overview of how TurboHire’s sophisticated hiring plan looks like:

  • Candidate Source and Attract.
  • TurboHire Evaluation for finding top talents.
  • Manage and Schedule Meetings and Interviews.
  • Interview and Evaluate candidates. 
  • Offer and Hire.
  • Report and Analyse. 

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In Conclusion

Screening resumes productively and time-effectively still remains the greatest test in talent acquisition. 52% of talent acquiring experts state the hardest part of recruitment is distinguishing the correct competitors from a huge candidate pool. 

TurboHire along with its sophisticated features can solve the problem of discovering the best candidates. It provides a significant improvement in important recruitment metrics like Time-to-hire, Cost-to-hire, and Quality of hire.

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Companies, after using TurboHire, have found that there is a:

  • 75% Reduction in Time to Hire
  • 72% Reduction in Cost to Hire
  • 60% Increase in Quality to Hire

The data computed can give you the idea of how effective TurboHire has been, inspiring recruiting supervisors to utilize the best features, and thus, utilize our tools. 

TurboHire can be used to locate the best channels to pull in the best candidates, regardless of the platform – social media promotions, job portals, or recruiting sites.

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